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Here are 2 newspaper interviews.

The comic book where disabled heroes save the world “We have constant disagreements over who’s better: Superman or Spider-Man,” says Dan White, referring to conversations with his 10-year-old daughter – and superhero inspiration – Emily. “I tell her, ‘Superman has heat rays, x-ray vision and strength.’ She says, ‘Yeah, but Spider-Man has a better outfit.’…

New Logo

Unveiling of our new Department Of Ability Logo! This has been such an exciting time for the Department Of Ability. The comic is still going strong, I now have a wonderful agent who has big plans and has been working non stop. The (pre) launch for the comic is approaching so fast. It will be happening in June.…

tshirt sale

Tshirt Sale

Our Department Of Ability Tshirt Sale is now on We are getting ready to make way for a new stock coming soon. Adults – £10 Kids – £7.00 Look at My Merchandise

BBC Ouch have been round

Emily and I have just been interviewed by BBC Ouch.

Emily’s acting skills were second to none.

We both really loved it. It will be shown in a couple of weeks, I will let you know as soon as I have the date.

Thanks Hannah and Frayer, it was great having you round.

emily bbc ouch

BBC Ouch Twitter

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