Department Of Ability Theme Tune

‘The Department of Ability’ was born into my crazy world a few years after my daughter Emily was born. She stormed into the world with Spina Bifida and an insatiable appetite for life!! However looking around for relevant heroes for her and our new circle of friends….FOUND NONE! I also noticed a lack of positive media coverage of disability and the strong, independent kids involved…OK THEN! GET CREATING BIG FELLA! I said, and thus the heroes arrived! Each using their disability as their superpower! They are not here to lecture you. They are here because they are the last heroes left..Brought together to save the world!!! …Born to be different. Born to save the world!!

Thanks to a local paper supporting us and our heroes, FB, Twitter are starting to whisper and share!  Working on a animation short for promotion purposes. Strongbones Charity On facebook have commissioned me to write and draw a comic book based on their heroes and the D.O.A to be published next year! Even the BBC are involved ! We are on BBC radio and TV chatting and promoting!

Watch out world…..the D.O.A are blazin’ a trail!

The theme tune by  Sarah Renehan – Calling Utopia Facebook


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