Hamleys Exclusive Pre – Launch Party.

We are closer to the pre-launch party at Hamleys to be held at the end of the month.Its been an amazing few months, Emily, Aimee and myself could never have imagined how well this would take off.

This is an exclusive party for the Strongbones Charity, and guests who have helped to be the driving force behind Department Of Ability.

With over 300 kids expecting to attend the event, we are also expecting Hannah Cockcroft, Paralympian, The Parallel London Team, Scope, Posability Magazine, and a lot more. Luckily we have the whole of Hamleys booked for this red carpet event.

We have stilt walkers, cosplay characters, a film crew, an orchestra, and the unveiling of the Department Of Ability Comic book.

This amazing party, is not even the launch of the comic. We are currently in discussions with major publishers to make the Department Of Ability Comic available to everyone who wants to buy one worldwide.From what started out as a small project, has become incredibly big! In the meantime, Strongbones and I have created the colouring book, to help ease the excitement of the long awaited Department Of Ability comic.

Thank you everyone, again, for your support. This would not be happening without you.

Here are some of the very special kids with their V.I.P Hamleys party invites.

Hamleys invites
Kids with Hamleys invites




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